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Cat Tonnu

She has been in the U.S. for two years and thinks her daughter will have a good future here.

 The most frustrating day of my life was April 30, 1975. Before that date I was a student at the Language University in Vietnam. My major was Vietnamese language because I love it so much, even though my parents wanted me to become a beauty doctor. My sister and younger brother were also attending university, but when the Communists occupied South Vietnam, my father was put in jail and we were thrown out of the university. My family was deep in frustration. We had lost everything in our lives. At that time I just thought about death.

 We lived a long time under heavy pressure of the Communists. Finally we decided to escape from them and we came to the United States, but day by day I have been engraving my people's images full of blood and tears in my heart forever.